Imtiaz Ali’s film Jab Harry Met Sejal is involved with all the elements of his previous films like love, romance, inspirations, heart touching dialogues, roller coaster ride of emotions and much more but with a new way. You will see a King of romance Shah Rukh Khan in a new avatar. A Punjabi guy who speaks through his eyes and not like his previous movies, stretching his arms in the air, in his signature style. Anushka Sharma has played a character of a Gujarati girl. Her acting, accent and style will force you to believe that as she belongs to Gujrat only. Both the characters in the movie are so natural, so believable and so winsome that you will get involved with them as minutes pass by. Shah Rukh is like old wine, the more he matures, the better he romances. When SRK seals it with a kiss, he’s irresistible!

Story of the movie :

Jab Harry Met Sejal is the story of a tourist guide Harry (Shah Rukh Khan ) and a travel lover girl and a chirpy lawyer Sejal (Anushka Sharma). Harry, who has got disconnected from his roots and is lost in his life, on the other hand, Sejal Zhaveri is a diamond merchant’s daughter who does not know much of life and lives as she wants to be.You will get connected with both the characters of the movie from its first scene. Harry meets Sejal in Europe, the life of both take U-turn when Sejal refuses to return to India as she has lost her engagement ring somewhere in Europe trip. Harry left with no choice but to help her out in searching for her ring. Both do visit all the places again for the search of the ring, the same locations with new feels and how it turns into a trip of self-discovery is all about the story of the movie Jab Harry Met Sejal.

Direction :

The art, sensibility, maturity and mind of Imtiaz Ali is not everyone’s cup of tea. The hero of unconventional romance has again astonishingly spread his magic with the movie Jab Harry Met Sejal. The first part of the movie is really fun-laden with its situational comedy and the second part is full of emotional ones which will make your eyes moist. He deserves the extra point for maturity, for handling such subject beautifully. Undoubtedly, He has again proved as an accomplished storyteller.

Music :

As it was expected from the music of Pritam and he did it again. You can surely expect a musical ride when you know Pritam is the composer. Song Phurrr in the movie is composed by Diplo in collaboration with Pritam. Overall, the music album of the movie is blended of Dum Daar, mesmerizing and soothing melodies and lyrics. All songs are available on YouTube and can download from others websites too.

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