After the success of her movie ‘Queen’, The National Award winner Kangana Ranaut is ready to fire the silver screen again with her next women centric movie Simran.

Movie’s trailer has just come out with the uncontrollable vibes of a female. Simran is a story of a carefree woman, who loves gambling and is suffering from kleptomania.

She is actually suffering from split personality disorder. She plays the role ofΒ Praful Patel in the movie, a divorcee, Gujarati woman who lives in New York.

The two-and-a-half minute trailer takes you through the various phases of her life. She is being chased by the cops. Her boy friends have left her but she always remains with a smile on her face.

The film is totally dependent on Kangana’s character. We hope with this movie Simran, she will return back with one more blockbuster hit.

Watch the trailer here.

Directorial movie Simran by Hansal Mehta will hit the screens on September 15, 2017.