After the songs ‘Tu Mera Main Teri‘ and Mumzy Stranger, UK based Punjabi singer, H Dhami is again coming with his latest song ‘Tu Meri Ki Lagdi’. Dhami is the son of a lead singer Palvinder Dhami of UK Bhangra group called as Heera Group. Music is in the blood of Dhami. Dhami has shared the eye-catcher poster of the song. Where he has stood with the female model of the song and with DJ Harvey.

A musical Dhami started his career alongside HEERA on the stage at the age of six. In 2008 he came up with his adult debut song “Sadke Java” in collaboration with Roach Killa, Chaaya and Mumzy Stranger. H Dhami is the famous personality of this entertainment industry. He is known for his songs like Sadke Java, Tere Wargi, Tere naal rahna, Gereh Kad Dee, One More Dance, Tere Bina Nahi Nachna, Zindagi etc, tracks stand enjoyed by the audience. It is hoped that this song ‘Tu Meri Ki Lagdi‘ will also create a new stir. The song has written by the Santhokh Singh Dhesi and music of the song is composed by  DJ Harvey. Wait for the next announcement of the song and stay tuned for the new updates on entertainment.