Kapil Sharma is very excited about his forthcoming movie Firangi. Firangi is a patriotic drama based on the backdrop of the 1920s. Kapil Sharma will be seen as Manga who loves the Britishers. Firangi is set to hit the screens on this Friday on 8 Dec.

Kapil in an interview with HT talked about the movie. He said “Firangi is set before Partition. Even my grandfather was born in Pakistan. Because Partition coloured our world view for a long time, we couldn’t see beyond it. With Firangi, we decided to make a light-hearted story based in that era”.

Firangi is a love story and shoot of the movie has done in Ropar, Gajner and Bikaner. Kapil talked about his character in the film and said “I am playing an underdog character Monga who falls in love with a girl. Unemployed youths have a tendency to fall in love anyway, but his marriage seems difficult because he doesn’t do anything. He gets a job with the British army by fluke, but the girl’s family is not ready to accept Monga because he is serving the enemy.”

Kapil takes his comedy very seriously. On this, he said “Every actor has their own speciality. I will start laughing if I try to do romantic scenes like Shah Rukh Khan or stunts like Akshay Kumar. I like making people laugh and I take the tag of comedian seriously”.

When he was asked about his real-life love story then he said “It doesn’t happen in real life. Have you seen a rich girl falling in love with a taxi driver in real life? Nobody ever loved me. I am a workaholic guy and I get scared by the idea of marriage”.

Kapil further jibes at the media for publishing only the controversies. Kapil said “Once we were shooting with Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan before the release of Happy New Year. It went on for good six hours, but nobody wrote about it. Bas cancel wala aa jaata hai ”.

Will he ever work will Sunil Grover ? On this, he said, “I enjoy working with him”. When he was asked, will he get Sunil to act alongside him in a film as well? He said “I haven’t adopted him (laughs)”.