*Kalikwest.com* is an Internet media company which reaches out to the Indian youth in India and across the world as well. It is an online portal which has its presence across various social media platforms- *Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram*.

*Kalikwest.com* has been shaped in a manner to attract the youth. Our portal is one of the leaders in this field of the digital revolution and it serves to fill the gap between the celebrities of the entertainment industry and the youth of today.

*Kalikwest.com* is the portal where you get all the information from the entertainment world & 0ther news in trend present among the Indian youth & across the world under one umbrella.

*Kalikwest.com* has been developed by the well-known veterans of the *Pollywood / Bollywood* industry.

The above portal has been set up with the purpose of providing the real information and sees itself as a leading pioneer in this sector in the coming years.

Thankfully the site is supported by many artists, celebrities and youth icons of the Digital Era.

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