Watch: Official trailer of upcoming web series MADHURI TALKIES

Ankita Kashyap

Posted by Ankita Kashyap on Jan 18, 2020

It’s the era of digitalization and digital space is spreading its wings. And more than ever web content on the digital platform is taking over the silver screen.

With a lot of web series coming to our ways one thing is predictable that soon the trend of web series will form a new league of entertainment. And apart from this, some new faces will also make their way and contribute their part in the revolution that the entertainment industry is going to witness.

And while a lot of web series are being released, MX player has released a revenge-driven web series titled ‘MADHURI TALKIES’.

Directed by Arvind Babbal, the series features Sagar Wahi and Aishwarya Sharma in the lead roles.

The trailer of the series has been released on MX Player’s YouTube channel and gathered much a hype from the audience.

Lead actor Sagar Wahi took to Instagram to share the glimpse of the series and wrote-‘जिस आशिक़ पर सवार हो सच्ची मोहब्बत, उसके बदले की आग में जल जाएगा पूरा बनारस। #माधुरीटॉकीज, सिर्फ #mxplayer पर। ‘

Sagar even said that “New Year has surely brought new beginnings and I find myself really blessed and grateful to have you all as an integral part of my journey as an actor, you all never fail to inspire men to appreciate my efforts which makes me live up to your expectations…!
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The series is a revenge drama and showcases the quest of a young man who commences his bloody rampage in the streets of Banaras to avenge his love, who was mishandled by the goons who ruled the small city.

The series sets a major question that is Justice delayed is Justice denied? Or sometimes sit’s ok to take the matter in your hands and take revenge from the perpetrators?

Well, all you can do is watch this revenge drama to find an answer.

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