‘There’s favouritism, no nepotism in Bollywood,’ Johny Lever’s daughter Jamie

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Ankita Kashyap

Posted by Ankita Kashyap on Jul 07, 2020

The demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has sparked the nepotism debate again. The cinephiles are outraged by the way industry supposedly treat the outsiders and favours the star kids, hence ignoring the real talent.

Though many fingers were raised towards some ace directors and actors for either supporting and promoting nepotism or being the product of it.

But someone has finally raised a valid point amid the noise of nepotism debate.

Ace comedian Johny Lever’s daughter Jamie has loudly and clearly expressed that Bollywood is not about nepotism, but favouritism.

While sharing her heart as she spoke about being Johnny Lever’s daughter, she said that in the industry favouritism is the keyword, not nepotism.

She said this while giving an interview to an English news daily.


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Sharing her story as being a star kid she went on to say that people have their favourites in the industry and play by that rule.

Jamie was quoted as saying, “I can talk about my journey, being a film child, a star-kid, although I don’t like saying that, I think when people talk about Nepotism, it doesn’t apply to all the star kids. Not all-star kids are given the privilege. I’ve had a very different journey. There’s favouritism, there’s no nepotism, there’s favouritism to a certain lot.”

She further said, “There’s favouritism to a friend’s child, there’s favouritism to a certain group of people you know. My dad has done his job as his job, he didn’t make it his life. He went to work, shot for his films and came back home, that was his real life. His lived his real life which was his family, his friends, his spirituality. We were never a part of any filmy parties, we never went, we were never a part of any group. My dad was never filmy, my mother, as I said, came from a very humble background.”




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