Take lessons- Shahid Kapoor shares how to keep your wife happy during 21 days of the Lock down

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Ruchika Rana

Posted by Ruchika Rana on Mar 25, 2020

The lockdown amid the Coronavirus Pandemic has been extended for the next 21 days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the citizens to support the government’s efforts to fight coronavirus and follow the lockdown.

So, now people are trying to find different ways to make the best of the home quarantine and are coming up with some great ideas to make the best of the time.

And if you are someone who is working from home, then sorry dude I feel you, you do have a lot of things to do so you can go back and do your work while rest of you who are not doing any work from home and are married, here’s something you can do to keep your wife happy.

Just after the lockdown was announced, Shahid Kapoor had taken to tweeter to support the decision.

While reacting to the 21-day lockdown he tweeted, “Be at home. Stay safe. Stay mentally emotionally and physically strong. Spread love. Have faith. Pray often. Speak to all those who matter daily. Meditate. Read. Cook. See the sky turn bluer every day. 21 days. Will pass. Keep it real and make it count you all.”

And after that he had an ‘ Ask me anything‘ session for his fans.

And while one of his fans asked about ‘How to keep your wife happy for 21 days’, Shahid replied in the cutest way and gave some notes.

He said, ‘Adarpoorvak Seva karo. Boss boss hota hai.’

Shahid even revealed that he is going to do all those things that he wasn’t able to do due to his hectic schedule.

Hmmm…So, If you want to stay happy during 21 Days of Lockdown, remember what Shahid said.

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