Sonam Bajwa’s workout session with her pet ‘Simba’ will bring a smile on your face

The video will make your day

Ankita Kashyap

Posted by Ankita Kashyap on Apr 20, 2020

We all know the obsession of our favourite celebs with their pets. And it’s just not them but even we are also guilty of being overly obsessed with our pets.

And this is also obvious because ain’t these furry little champs just too cute to handle? especially the dogs! No biased approach towards other pet animals but Dogs did win the show! Sorry Cat lovers!

So, just like other celebs, the hotness queen of Pollywood- Sonam Bajwa also has a pet dog who is her forever crush.

She calls her ‘Simba’ and in the recent post, Simba was seen enjoying the workout session with Sonam.

Sonam Bajwa shared the cute video clip and as soon as this video went viral, it melted our heart and made us go ‘Aww’.

‘My little sunshine ☀️ Simba’, she wrote while sharing this cute video:


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My little sunshine ☀️ Simba

A post shared by Sonam Bajwa (@sonambajwa) on

This gave some major workout goals! The way ‘Simba’ is enjoying the session, they both look just so adorable.

Sonam Bajwa stays quite active on Social Media and keeps giving the glimpse of her ‘Quarantine’ routine.

She had once shared a video of Shilpa Shetty as she dubbed dialogue of Sonam Bajwa  from one of her movies.


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😂 😂👌👌 @theshilpashetty

A post shared by Sonam Bajwa (@sonambajwa) on

Hmm..Someone is getting fans from Bollywood haan!

Sonam Bajwa’s insta feed is a paradise. Her oh-so-hot figure and that charming smile make her the latest crush of Punjab.

Stalking her social media is something you can consider doing during the quarantine.

And don’t forget to stay at home and work-out from home.

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