Shah Rukh Khan as Berlin: Money Heist director on Bollywood remake!

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Ankita Kashyap

Posted by Ankita Kashyap on May 09, 2020

Money Heist is getting much a hype among the audience as this Spanish Netflix series is getting viral on the internet and making a worldwide fanbase.

When it comes to a long list of Money Heist fabs, India is also not behind.

And now there is good news for Indian fans! The director of the super hit series shared his dream cast for a Bollywood remake of the Spanish series.

Director Alex Rodrigo listed out Indian actors who would be suited for the remake.

Though Rodrigo wasn’t made his choices based on his familiarity with the actors’ work, rather he selected them based on their appearance instead.

In an interview to YouTube channel BehindwoodsTV, Rodrigo shared the cast list. He was shown pictures of some Indian celebrities and asked to cast them in the roles.

While sharing his choice, Rodrigo said that it wasn’t easy to pick one, but that Ayushmann Khurrana would probably suit the Indian version of the Professor.

It must be shared that Ayushmann had expressed his love for Money Heist in one f his Insta posts and had also publicly asked filmmakers to write a character like the Professor for him.

Rodrigo further goes on to pick Vijay as the Professor, Mahesh Babu as Tamayo, Ajith Kumar as Bogota and Shah Rukh as Berlin. He also picked Ranveer Singh as Denver, and Surya as Suarez.

Well, what are your views? Which Bollywood celebrities do you think would suit the Money Heist on-screen characters?

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