Pollywood and its Puppy affairs!

Punjabi stars and their Puppy love

Ankita Kashyap

Posted by Ankita Kashyap on Jan 14, 2020

‘A dog is a man’s best friend!’, this saying goes without debate. We all love those furry cute dogs and no matter how you may be feeling, these cute creatures can make you smile and make your day.

Just like you or me, our favorite celebs too have a soft heart for dogs and own some really cute breeds, who they keep on flaunting on Social Media.

And when we talk about Pollywood, here too we got some proud owners of some very cute dogs.

Let’s have a look:

Sargun and her Moyo

Moyo! What a cute and unique name for a dog.  Sargun refers to her dog as ‘Jhalla’ in one of her Instagram posts and leaves everyone in awe over the cute bond Moyo and Sargun shares.

Hardy Sandhu and Juno


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Major missing❤️

A post shared by Harrdy Sandhu (@harrdysandhu) on

A handsome dude with a handsome dog! Hardy Sandhu’s dog looks super innocent. With that bow-tie, he looks like a ‘Good Boi’. Hardy loves his dog and so do we!

Sonam Bajwa and Simba


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Simba and I are wishing you a very very Happy and prosperous new year. ❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by Sonam Bajwa (@sonambajwa) on

Simba! What a filmy name this dog has. Just like his owner, Simba is a very stylish and filmy dog. Who thought that fairy lights are only for girls haan! Look he can flaunt it better.


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Making my mornings better ❤️

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Fun moment with his Human parent!

Sunanda Sharma and Plum


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Me:- How’s my mehndi PLUM🐾 Plum:- mmmm🤔 theek hai 🤷🏻‍♀️ Me:- 🙄

A post shared by Sunanda Sharma (@sunanda_ss) on

We all are guilty of pampering our pets a lot, we even start thinking like it is a human friend and keep on chit-chatting with them. Sunanda while asking Plum about her Mehendi is surely us!


These celebs prove that dogs are the best pets and they can make our lives better.

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