Here’s why Priyanka Chopra decided to date Nick Jonas!

The reason is quite steamy!

Amit Singh

Posted by Amit Singh on Jan 16, 2020

Ever Since our desi girl Priyanka Chopra has got married to Nick Jonas, everyone is eager to know how their love started to bloom and what made Priyanka realize that Nick is the one!

These questions popped-up in everyone ‘s head because looking at the popularity and beauty of Priyanka Chopra it was easy for her to tie the knot with any A list hunk from Bollywood.

But things that are meant to be, do happens! Happens for a reason and sometimes all the reason that it has is – Love.


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My 💓

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Talking about this couple which never fails to bless our Social Media feed with cute PDA posts and pictures, it must be said that the love between them can make you miss your bae, even if you don’t have one!

This is the intensity of the bond that Priyanka and Nick share.

Well, it’s been quite a while the couple is enjoying their married life and the love they have for each other is very evident from their PDA sessions.

But have you ever thought what made Priyanka realize that she wants to marry Nick? Well, the answer is very steamy!


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My beautiful #GoldenGlobes date.

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In a recent interview, Peecee spilled some beans over her love story and revealed that she decided to date Nick Jonas after she watched the music video of ‘Close’ where his clothes come off!

Ahaan!!! the answer is as hot as the romance the duo shares!

Priyanka shares that Nick looked very hot and those steamy visuals of a force field that appear to tears off his clothes helped Priyanka to decide her life partner.

She even shared that the video is her favorite one!

Well, watch the video here:

Hmm.. quite an interesting reason..Haan?

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