Corona Outbreak: Shah Rukh Khan reacts on BCCI Postponing IPL

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Ruchika Rana

Posted by Ruchika Rana on Mar 14, 2020

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has left everyone in distress.

Amid the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic mostly every other major event is being postponed as the government has released an advisory to avoid crowdy places.

While most of the celebs are taking initiative to sensitize people about the precaution they shall take to prevent the spread of the virus.

And now, joining the league of actors who took to their social media to express their concern over Corona outbreak, is Shah Rukh Khan.

Recently, the Board of Cricket Control of India had postponed Indian Premier League (IPL) till April 15 and Shah Rukh Khan took to tweeter to express his thoughts on the same.

Everyone knows that the SRK is the owner of the Kolkata-based Kolkata Knight Riders, thus his version on the rescheduled match is an important one.

While taking to the tweeter, Shah Rukh Khan tweeted,  Wonderful to meet all the Franchise owners ‘off the field’ so to say. The meeting by @Bcci and @ipl was to reiterate what all of us feel…safety first of the spectators, players management & cities we play in. All directives of the health agencies & govt to be followed…

Well, Corona Virus has made the world to go isolated and it is important that we all should take precautions and stay safe.

Try avoiding going to crowded places and follow the guidelines shared by the government and the medical experts.

Stay safe!

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