Cooking it with Diljit Dosanjh

Did you smell what Diljit is Cooking?

Ankita Kashyap

Posted by Ankita Kashyap on Mar 22, 2020

Diljit Dosanjh never misses a chance to amaze his fans. His social media presence is as dynamic as his on-screen presence as a performer.

If you are not following him on Social Media, you are probably missing out on something fun.

Till now we have seen many avatars of our beloved Sardar Ji, he has won a million hearts with his amazing acting chops and of course his songs, how can we forget what a phenomenal singer he is.

And now, Diljit is again ready to leave you all awe- stuck as he unveils his another hidden talent.

Yes, apart from being the most stylish Singh of the Pollywood, there is something more Diljit is good at, and I am sure after reading what he is good at, his female fans are going to get crazy over him even more.

Diljit is a very good chef!

Control your excitement, it is all true. Our favorite singster is a great chef and after making us all go mad over his charismatic personality he is ready to show off his cooking skills.

Diljit gave the demo of his cooking skills in some of his insta stories as he cooks and interacts with the fans.

The cooking class that he is giving is a part of his famous cooking show.

His commentary as he cooks was like cinnamon in Biryani!

Have a look-



He even gave lessons on how to prepare Irani Chai!.

Watch it here-


Is there something Diljit Dosanjh can’t do? He is an all-rounder!

Well, that’s not all, there’s a piece of good news for his fans.

Now you can too show off your cooking skills and submit your recipes. All you have to do is use this snapchat lense and make your cooking videos and share them on Instagram and tag Kalikwest . It’s that simple!

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