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The Trailer For Kangana & Rajkummar Rao’s ‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ Is OUT AND VICIOUS

Neetu Sokhal

Posted by Neetu Sokhal on Jul 04, 2019

Actors Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao reunite on the silver screen after their knockout hit Queen, for the movie Judgemental Hai Kya. The trailer of this upcoming film is now out, and it’s as good as one expects from a film starring these two critically-lauded and commercially-successful actors. The film is about murder and psychological bribery, a content only Ekta Kapoor have bought up.


In the film, Kangana plays Bobby, a woman everyone thinks of as ‘crazy’, while Rajkummar essays the role of Keshav, a ‘normal’ guy Bobby is pretty much obsessed with. Bobby madly stalks Keshav and spies on him as she speculates he isn’t as wide-eyed as he seems. In spite of being ‘obsessed’ with him, she is convinced he’s ‘mad’, just like her.

You’ve probably never seen Rajkummar in such a fiery avatar. In the trailer, there’s a lot of focus on Rajkumar’s biceps, displaying his fashion chops in tailored suits, and portraying a bad boy look that we were not expecting.

Image result for judgemental hai kya trailer poster


Bobby responds to accusations of being insane with utmost casualness like it’s just a phase of life. She’s not fighting the fact that she’s different. She’s not screaming about being ‘normal’.

Image result for judgemental hai kya trailer poster

Rather, she’s questioning those people who seem perfectly normal but actually aren’t. Here’s a character who intentionally wants to be standardized and isn’t afraid of wearing her madness on her sleeve.

Stating the obvious, this film is going to be furious!

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