The ‘bad guys’of The 90s we love to hate!

They would send Macbeth's witches running for cover

Ruchika Rana

Posted by Ruchika Rana on Sep 16, 2019

The baddies of Bollywood have added a flavor of thrill and action to the Hindi cinema, Can you imagine a Bollywood film without a power pack action scene or without a ‘bad guy’ who act as a pivotal for the storyline?

These baddies are mean, cruel and despicable! But still, we all love to watch them. There can never be a hero without a villain. Since the initial days of Hindi cinema, Bollywood has given some iconic negative characters, who we love to hate.

From their gothic style to their scary looks and strong dialogues, they have emerged as clear winners as our favorite villains. Here is a list of negative characters we love to hate.

And how can we forget that scary laugh! I know you can hear him.


Let’s start with one whose name is used as a synonym to recall an epic Hindi film- Sholay! You guessed it right! Gabbar… Impeccably performed by actor Amjad Khan, the character became identical with the movie itself

‘Ye hath mujhe dede Thakur’-  The dialogue and this scene, still sends chills down our spine!

Gokul Pandit 

You can’t forget those eyes, the obsession and lust gave shades of extreme negativity and made Gokul, every girl’s nightmare. The act of a rapist disguised as a postman was performed by Ashutosh Rana, in Dushman-he overshadowed Kajol with his acting chops! You will hate him for this role but will love him for his performance. Rana’s acting, with those scary eyes, is haunting and brilliant.

This is not all, his surreal performance as Lajja Shankar Pandey in Sangharh raised the bar of evilness and made him the most terrifying, and iconic, villain of the 90s. 


Bald Baddie of Bollywood-Shakaal was a sophisticated baddie and had all the gizmos in his Den. He was the villain of the future. The generations will remember Kulbhushan Kharbanda for this timeless performance.


Actor Amrish Puri played Mogambo in a sci-fi film Mr. India and gave the audience an edge-of-the-seat thrill.  He had a costume, a skull-stick, a throne and a group of supporters who would jump into acid on his call. An ideal villain for a Sci-fi movie, right?

The first thing that still pops-up in our head when we hear this name is- Mogambo Khush Hua!

Well, that’s all for now. Is there anyone you think I missed and deserved to be in the list? Comment and let me know!

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