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Ranveer Singh’s music label launches new song questioning Indian education system in collab with ‘Spitfire’

Neetu Sokhal

Posted by Neetu Sokhal on Jun 28, 2019

Bollywood’s own Gully Boy Ranveer Singh has floated the second song of his music label IncInk. titled “Paathshala”. The song raises some on-target queries about the educational system of India.

IncInk, the joint venture between Singh and Navzar Eranee, has hand-picked rap/hip-hop artistes Kaam Bhaari (Kunal Pandagale), SlowCheetah (Chaitanya Sharma) and Spitfire for its launch. Marking the debut of singer ‘Spitfire’ whose real name is Nitin Mishra will be seen as singing as well as acting.

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Conversing about the song Ranveer said, The moment I heard the song, it touched my heart, not just because of its presentation of the prevalent educational issue but it is actually about the emergence of ‘Spitfire’ itself, the performer that saved Nitin Mishra. It is about his own life story and how he found the spirit, power to break through society stereotypes and identify his own real identity.

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Further explaining he said, “Our society has layered solid, rigorous methods of education, learning and consider these the extreme benchmark of a person’s abilities. We disagree.” Eranee added: “Being yourself is considered an act of revolution in today’s culture. Art and expression free us from the conditions of our lives.”

Check out the track below:

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