Did Deepika just drop a hint about her pregnancy!

She called Ranveer 'Daddie'

Ruchika Rana

Posted by Ruchika Rana on Aug 17, 2019

Just a warning for the ‘Sakhat londe’ and ‘londiyan’ aka ‘Singles’, the content can make you crave a relationship because it’s Deepveer again! Flaunting their love and making us all go – Aww!!

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are so in love, they never leave a moment to exhibit their love. Either through Insta posts or through comments, these two have got no chill!

And we all love to get a sneak peek into their love life.

They are playful, they are fun and they can make you miss your partner, even if you have none. And that was a pun!

Ok, getting serious now! The social media PDA of this made-for each other couple has already given some serious couple goals. Same happened during Ranveer Singh’s live streaming video. The energetic Ranveer Singh was up for a live stream session with his fans and was full-on rap mode, and while everyone was commenting, there was one comment that grabbed everyone’s attention it was of her wifey- Deepika Padukone, who commented- ‘Hi Daddie’ with an emoji of the baby. And with this simple sweet gesture of PDA, the fans went crazy!!!!

Though her Daddie comment made everyone believe that maybe the couple is expecting a child and the rumors of Deepika being pregnant during Cannes 2019 were true, but Ranveer was quick to brush aside the doubts and replied- ‘Hi Baby’.

That’s not all, Arjun’s comment flamed the rumors with his comment ‘Baba Bhabi is gonna give you one’.

Uh-hoo! Arjun just dropped a hint or he is just being playful?

Well, now only Deepveer know the truth, all we can do is just stalk this lovely couple on Instagram and get Aww, every time they flaunt their love.


BTW, What do you guys think! Is it a sign that they both are going to enter parenthood or it was just a random comment! ummm.. 

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