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‘No Father in Kashmir’ trailer launched!

In these dark times of hate, here is a love story from the blood-soaked Valley of Kashmir which has the audacity to hope."- says Mahesh Bhatt

Mohit Sharma

Posted by Mohit Sharma on Mar 19, 2019

Oscar-nominated director Ashvin Kumar finally gets a release date for his movie ‘No Fathers in Kashmir’. The crew and cast had to wait for 8 long months to get the film cleared by the censors. No Fathers in Kashmir releases on April 5.

The release date was announced on March 14 and Soni’ daughter Alia Bhatt, who recently turned 26, launched the film’s teaser on her social media on the occasion of her birthday.

Alia took to her social media on the eve of her birthday and announced that she would be launching the teaser on her social media. Alia has been supportive of her mother’s film right from the beginning and had even tweeted in support of the film, requesting the censors to issue the necessary certificates for the film and lift the ban surrounding it.

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The teaser shows the story of Noor, a teenage British Indian who returns to Kashmir in a bid to trace her missing father. In the process, she befriends Majid who pledges to help her search for her father. They form an innocent love story. Majid is a local who takes Noor to a restricted area close to the Indo-Pakistan border. Their relationship is then challenged when they find themselves scrapping a dark secret in the hills leading to their arrest. The official YouTube channel describes that since Noor is British, she is released, but Majid is not.

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Directed by Oscar-nominated director Ashvin Kumar who has also previously won two National Awards.  The film got its release date on 5th April 2019, and stars main lead as Zara Webb as Noor, Shivam Raina as Majid along with Ashvin Kumar, Soni Razdan, Anshuman Jha, Zara Webb, Natasha Mago, Maya Sarao, and Kulbhushan Kharbanda.

Take a look at film’s enthralling trailer below:

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