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Neha Kakkar “Yes, I am in Depression. Thanks to All…

"All the negative people in the world’ have successfully given her the ‘worst days’ of her life."

Nidhi Adlakha

Posted by Nidhi Adlakha on Jan 04, 2019

Pop singer and Indian Idol judge, Neha Kakkar is going through a hard face of her life as she has broken up with her boyfriend Himansh Kohli. Recently she shared a message in her Instagram stories and wrote, “all the negative people in the world’ have successfully given her the ‘worst days’ of her life.”

Yes, I am in Depression. Thanks to All the Negative people in the world. You’re successful in giving me the worst days of my life. Congratulations you’re successful!

Lemme make it clear. It’s not bcz of One Person or two, it’s coz of the World who’s not letting me Live my personal life. I’m thankful to everyone who love my work or me but people who talk Rubbish about Me without even knowing how I am or what I’m going through giving me a hard time.. l beg plz Let me live happily, r beg Piz don’t be Judgmental, l beg Plz Let Me Live!

A few days back when Neha broked down on the sets of Indian Idol she then shared a post on Instagram stories and wrote “I know I’m a celeb..I’m not supposed to write all this.. but I’m human being too.. and aaj kuch zyaada hi toot gayi, isliye couldn’t control my feelings. Pata hai hum celebrities ke do chehre hote hain…Ek personal, ek professional. Personal life jitni bhi kharaab chal rahi ho, professional life mein you’ll always see us SMILING. (we celebrities have two sides to us – – one personal and one professional. No matter how bad our personal life is, you will always see us smiling.

“I know everybody’s gonna talk about it now.. people are gonna judge me.. pata nahin log kya bolenge.. some people are gonna say things which i haven’t even done but koi nahin.. mujhe aadat hogayi hai sab sunne ki. sab sehne ki. (I am used to listening and bearing all this)” she added.

Neha’s recent song Aankh Marey from Ranveer Singh’s Simmba is ruling the internet.

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