‘My parents wanted me to pursue higher education in Oxford’ Saif Ali Khan

His parents wanted him to complete his education from a reputed institution like Oxford

Ankita Kashyap

Posted by Ankita Kashyap on Nov 08, 2019

Life comes never easy, not even for those who are born with a silver spoon.

If you think that Nawab Sahab Saif Ali Khan had an easy life just because he was born to a legendary actress Sharmila Tagore and cricketer Mandur Ali Khan Pataudi, then sorry you are wrong!

Even Saif had to face the rise and falls of life during the initial days of his career.

His parents wanted him to complete his education from a reputed institution like Oxford but alas! This does not happen.

During an interview with a news website, Saif shared how he used to struggle to maintain a relationship with his parents and his career as well.

He said, “So I went to a really academic, school — the oldest in England — Winchester. The idea [of being there] was obvious. You go to Oxford [or a similar place] thereafter. That hadn’t worked out. I was in the black books of my parents, what with Delhi, partying and Ghungroo. I was getting scared. Because there was nothing I was interested in.

Saif even shared that it was his father’s choice to send him to an advertising agency for a job, “My father sent me to an ad agency to get a job because I was partying a lot. In Ghunghroo [discotheque at Delhi’s Maurya Sheraton]. It was fantastic. My father put me on a bus to an ad agency in Sunder Nagar. One of my jobs was to make religious calendars for Birlas. The only creative [call] was whether we should put Lord Vishnu in October, or November. I soon lost interest!

Honestly the way my upbringing was, the kind of life I’d had, or lack of confidence — I wasn’t a cinematic figure, in terms of being shot in photos. I was effeminate, coy, shy, unsure, worst qualities for an actor in Bombay”, Further said.

So, one thing is evident, It doesn’t matter if you are a son of a legendary actor or not, struggles, conflicts and failures come in everyone’s way.

All we can do is take lessons and have trust in our dreams.

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