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#METOO Movement: Nana Patekar gets a Clean Chit

Amit Singh

Posted by Amit Singh on Jun 14, 2019

In 2018, Tanushree Dutta stood up and spoke out against the harassment meted out to her in Bollywood–and with that, the #MeToo movement came to India. The former actress, who accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on a film set a decade ago, spoke up about how she was traumatized by the incident. Many other harrowing tales of sexual harassment and assault soon emerged from the film industry, this, being the much-needed fire starter of change. Post this, Patekar reverted by slamming a legal notice on Dutta, denying the allegations and threatening to initiate criminal defamation proceedings against her, should she not withdraw her statement of accusation.

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In an unexpected twist of plot, Nana has now been given a clean chit against all claims and allegations. After eight months of heated proceedings, the infamous sexual harassment case has been closed and according to reports in Times Now, it was declared that there was a lack of evidence, which obviously means, the accused, Nana, will be acquitted.

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Tanushree expressed, “I’m neither shocked nor surprised being a woman in India, this is something we all have got used to or we all expect to happen”. It was not going to be difficult for harassment accused Nana Patekar to get himself or shall we say buy himself a clean chit to continue to bully unfortunate young women.

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Still holding onto hope, she said, “A life without hope is like a candle without fire. I pray that I never have to deal with this kind of toxicity ever again in life. I’m tired of fighting alone against oppressors, bullies and a corrupt system. I have better things to do in life with my talent and need to focus on those but please don’t take this example to mean that you will not be heard when u speak up!!

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