Khiladi Kumar went unnoticed as he takes a tour of Mumbai Metro

Akshay Kumar was visibly thrilled as he shared a video of himself in a Mumbai Metro train.

Ruchika Rana

Posted by Ruchika Rana on Sep 19, 2019

How would you react if you get to know that your favorite celeb is traveling with you in a metro? A simple thought about this can bring a smile to your face and inflate the balloon of imagination. Well, something like this did happen with the daily commuters of Metro in Mumbai, but they fail to recognize this big star who was traveling with them in the metro.

Sharing a video on his twitter handle, Akshay Kumar shared that he took a metro to reach a destination and during the journey, no one felt his presence.

Have a look at what he shared :

Well, this is not the first time when a celebrity has walked down to the streets without being recognized. All I can say is- Satarak Rahe, Savdhaan Rahe! Your favorite celebrity might be around you!

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