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Kartik Aryan- The bollywood’s “Yaaron ka Yaar” & Hearthrob

"It took seven years for overnight stardom"- Kartik Aaryan

Aarzoo Singh

Posted by Aarzoo Singh on Apr 08, 2019

Unencumbered by his small town-roots, now a movie top dog — Kartik’s sudden stardom is a tale of resurrection, now holding relatable cinematic genres by their very neck. The only difference: it wasn’t all so sudden, after all, How did Bollywood happen?

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Peerless, ferociously honest, and a real-life Sonu, Aaryan is undeniably an assemblage of his movie characters.
His recent interview made us learn a lot about him:

So, how did you thought of being a Bollywood prodigy?
KA: I had been a movie buff since the very beginning; growing up watching Shah Rukh Khan on the big screen, while studying to grow up into an engineer. I remember watching Baazigar, rather distinctly, in my 9th grade; and it left a huge impact on me. But it wasn’t until my tenth board exams, that I realized I didn’t want to pursue engineering. The concept of cinema being larger than life really spoke to me. That was the exact moment when I realized ‘I want to be an actor, Mujhe Gwalior se nikalna hai aur Mumbai Jaana hai (a task Aaryan executed after three long years).’

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Did you ever break down during your initial struggle?
KA: I started auditioning the moment I hit Mumbai; I would travel from Belapur to Andheri almost every day (2.5 hours one way), but only to get rejected in under a minute. Of course, it was disheartening. People wouldn’t even give me a chance; rejecting me at first glance. Of course, there were times when I was hopeful about a certain role and would think ‘ismein toh hojayega’, only to receive a fatal call the next day. It became a routine to get rejected, getting emotional, switching on the television and watching commercials I got rejected for. These things broke me.


What do you think kept you going, until Pyaar Ka Punchnama?
KA: I never, ever let my spirits deter; I would jokingly say ‘It’s their loss,’ and move on. People tell me I have a strong mind, I’ve never been scared of anything. I also believe in the Law of Attraction: chahe use time lage ya na lage, par woh cheez hoti zaroor hai; this belief always kept me going. Until of course, I grabbed a role in my first film, Pyaar Ka Punchnama (after a two-and-a-half year struggle).


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What was your reaction to grabbing Pyaar Ka Punchama?

KA: Of course, I was ecstatic, I was emotional, it was a bunch of things. But more importantly, I wanted to give it my 100 percent. I was told that the movie would star only newbies, but I had no idea about the script in any way. But, I thought to myself, “In the worst situation, even if the script is bad, I just need to do my bit.” But who would have thought that this would bring me a [good] name? I used to crave for uttering a single word at an audition and here I was, starring in my first-ever movie, reciting a five and a half page monologue, long before it became a viral video over the Internet.


How was life after PKP? Did that make things a lot easier?
KA: Well, not really. I had my share of successes and failures after PKP1 too; more failures, in fact. Even after my first film being a hit, I had times when I said to myself ‘ab kaam Nahi Milne waala’. But thanks to Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, my career took a big turn. In my opinion, SKTKS was my re-launch. Even PKP2 didn’t do much for me. But right after SKTKS, I started receiving calls from film directors I used to chase back then and wait on for imaginary replies; the feeling was unparalleled. If there’s a career-defining moment for me, it’s Sonu… – it changed my life. It’ll always be special to me.

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Your films have been called sexist and slightly problematic. Looking back, would you change anything in their narratives?
KA: Not a thing. Actors play characters out of fictitious stories, not necessarily based on anyone’s life. My movies are meant to purely entertain; you don’t need to take them so seriously. You need an eye for a pinch of salt. In fact, a lot of women, time and again, have asked me to repeat my monologue (from PKP1) and have found it as funny as the rest of them. But honestly, I believe that you can’t make everyone happy anyway; that’s the meaty truth.


You’ve played the average Indian guy all along. Do you see yourself moving beyond?
KA: I really want to do a grey character. I’m very keen on doing a thriller and being an anti-hero. The comedy genre just happened to me, I didn’t plan it. Not denying that I enjoy being in comedy movies, but I want to do a thriller for sure. I really enjoy watching web shows like Black Mirror, and Breaking Bad; I’d love to try that genre.

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Which of your movie characters is the closest to Kartik in real life?
KA: I think, Sonu. He’s decisive, street-smart, does his own thing and doesn’t shy away from following his instinct. But I’m not as grey as him, in that aspect; I’m a lot like Guddu (Aaryan’s character in Luka Chuppi), main Guddi ki Tarah righteous hoon.

How would you sum up your journey until now, in one statement?
KA: It took me seven years for overnight stardom.

Seamlessly – or strategically, his inimitable portrayal of the trying-to-do-something-in-life pedigree of humans has defined his box-office ‘flyness’ today!

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