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#IAMMYOWNTAG- Says Harleen Sethi

Neetu Sokhal

Posted by Neetu Sokhal on May 01, 2019

Harleen Sethi became an overnight sensation with her dance video that she shot with choreographer Melvin Loius. She spoke about her passion for dance and love for choreography in the exclusive interview with us. “I was always enamored by music, dance, and all the love stories that I watched on screen… and the gloss of the movies. But acting wasn’t something that came naturally to me as a professional choice. In 2012, there was an ad being shot, where they were looking to cast a ballet dancer. Somehow, that call came to me, and since I am a trained ballet dancer, I tested for it and scored the part. Post that, I got other calls for parts that didn’t only require me to dance, but also to act. I gave it a try, and as it turns out, I kept getting more and more calls. Life changed then onwards,” said Harleen.

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The actress, who delivered a top-notch performance in the web series Broken But Beautiful, is currently taking some time off to absorb everything around and picking her debut Bollywood movie. Harleen, who dated Vicky Kaushal in the past, declared that while she doesn’t get bothered by all the dating and breakup rumors, her family does.

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“Honestly, it did not bother me but it did bother my family and friends. As an individual, we all have our own identities. I was associated with a movie star and I haven’t done a movie yet, doesn’t make me any less. I still love myself. And I would love to be known as Harleen Sethi. I am Harleen Sethi. I think it will be unfair to call someone else my ex-boyfriend, right?” she exclaimed and added that she is her own tag and she would rather let her body of work speak for her.

Harleen also expressed how it was her brother who encouraged her to pen down the poem #IAMMYOWNTAG on Instagram. Harleen isn’t the one to bog down and when asked if her personal turmoil will perhaps help her relate to Broken But Beautiful, her web series which will soon see a second season, more, she said, “I think for an actor it is essential to experience all sort of emotions in real life. In a way, it is good that what happened, happened.” In what was a mic drop moment, Harleen said: “I hope the next time my name is uttered, it’s solely for my skill and hard work. If I am to be defined by those who don’t know me, then let them define me by what they see on screen, and nothing else!”

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