Gurnam Bhullar & Neeru Bajwa locked in as new pair to star in movie titled “Kokka”

Shweta Sharma

Posted by Shweta Sharma on Jun 10, 2019

Diamond singer Gurnam Bhullar has bought his talent and hard work to get him opportunities to make it big in the Punjabi film industry. The artist already stole hearts with his song ‘Diamond’ and rose to prominence with his act in the female-centric ‘Guddiyan Patole‘ along with Sonam Bajwa and Tania. Walking the passage, now he has ‘Surkhi Bindi’ lined up with Sargun Mehta and now ‘Kokka’ with Neeru Bajwa.

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Gurnam Bhullar recently revealed his next film titled Kokka pairing with Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa. We have been witnessing a lot many releases this year, while some have accumulated unexpected appreciation.


Neeru Bajwa and Gurnaam Bhullar will now be seen in the upcoming Punjabi movie named “Kokka”. Assisted under Neeru Bajwa production entertainment, ‘Kokka’ is directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary. Without revealing any further details, the actress shared the announcement poster on her social media account.

We cannot wait to watch this refreshing pair hit silver screens soon!

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