Bollywood’s unfair obsession with ‘Skinny’

obsession with waif-like actresses is a disturbing trend

Ruchika Rana

Posted by Ruchika Rana on Aug 19, 2019

Songs that promote ‘Patali Kamar’ and ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan’ are not just mere songs but a reflexion of what suits the B-Town and what you should be like!

It might sound controversial to comment that Bollywood want you to have an hourglass figure but the way Bollywood beauties are transforming themselves to make those lyrics a reality, one can easily predict this.

We can not ignore the fact that talent can overshadow- weight, height or skin tone but the way dusky beauties have gone all fair and the way B-Town ‘Wasi’ are becoming slimmer and fitter, it is obvious to predict what goes into being on Top in Bollywood.

Though there is nothing wrong in reducing those extra kilos or shedding that extra fat around your waist, but if you are being shamed and rejected, just because you won’t be fit to flaunt a bikini scene or suit the lyrics of an item number, then it is a matter of concern.

Remember, when Zareen Khan opened up about being ‘Fat-Shamed’ in Bollywood-it was a truth bomb for us!

She said, “The media wrote me off because of my weight in countless articles. I couldn’t believe it. Directors and producers wouldn’t approach me because of the way I was written off and the image that was created. My weight was decoded as if it was a national issue, surpassing even the initial Katrina Kaif lookalike comparisons.”

She even shared about being fat-shamed in Bollywood, despite her losing oodles of weight, “It was just very surprising. Despite my workout regime, which I did with my trainer Abbas Ali, I was called names. And this time, I was shocked, disturbed, confused. You can physically become thin but the image people have of you in their heads takes a lot more time to change,” she says, adding, “In fact, I faced more fat-shaming after losing a considerable amount of weight then I did when I was over 100 kilos.”

Well, this is a disturbing trend. And when I said that it is ok to lose that extra fat for health but not at all ok to get body shamed- this is what I was talking about.

Here are few beauties who molded themselves to fit in!

Sara Ali Khan: This newbie of Bollywood has gained a tremendous amount of fans base. Her bubbly nature and classy attires add life to her overall personality.

She was a chubby girl before entering the Bollywood industry but she made sure to lose those kilos before knocking the doors of the B-Town.

Bhumi Pedenkar:  The ‘Dum Laga k Haisha’ girl-Bhumi Pednekar lost almost 40 kgs to look like the present her. She has to follow a struct diest plan to maintain her weight.

Sonakshi Sinha: The ‘Dabangg’ girl might not be afraid of ‘Thappad’ but she is surely afraid of getting back to where she had started. She was massively overweight before signing her first film with Salman Khan, but managed to fit-in and shed the extra flab.

Alia Bhatt: She was asked to lose weight for her debut film-‘Student of the Year’. She went from Chubby to Skinny, to make it up in the Bollywood.

Feeling an urge to hit the Gym? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. But all I can suggest is, following a fitting regime or a healthy lifestyle is an appreciable choice, only when you are doing it for yourself and not to fit in or match the beauty and fitness trend of Bollywood.

You must know that slim doesn’t mean healthy. Maneesha Koirala and Sonali Bindere are few names to make you understand that being skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy.

So, if you really `want to do something, do it for yourself!

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