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Get ready to groove on the beat of ‘Prada’

The Doorbeen is ready to set the party mood with Alia Bhatt


Posted by Kalikwest on Aug 13, 2019

If you love partying and your weekends are all about energy and dancing, then the Doorbeen boys – Omkar and Baba – are your go-to people. The ‘Lamberghini’ hitmakers are back with another bang! Their second much-awaited track ‘Prada’ is out to give every boring party a makeover. To top it all, it has Alia Bhatt featuring in the video. Now, isn’t that cool? Prada is Alia Bhatt’s first-ever music video and the actress has killed it! Alia features in the song with the Doorbeen Boys (Omkar and Baba). This track is a peppy party number and has got nice beats as well as drops.

Image result for alia bhatt in prada song

Alia Bhatt’s dance moves are oh-so-perfect and she has added her swag to it. Apart from the actress’ killer dance moves, her variety of stylish outfits are clearly eye-catcher. Prada is crooned by the Lambhergini hitmakers and Shreya Sharma. The song is upbeat and it deserves all attention. Undoubtedly, Alia Bhatt’s first music video is already a hit.

Enjoy the song here:

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