‘Binnu Dhillon’ is on cloud nine these days. First, his movie ‘Vekh Baraatan Challiyan’ has hit the box office successfully, now, his next movie ‘Bailaras’ is ready to set the new records soon. This is the first movie under his production house ‘Naughty Men Production’. Movie’s first look has created a big storm on the internet from the time its release. Today, makers of the movie have released the trailer of the movie Bailaras on YouTube. Binnu Dhillon is known for his comedy roles but in this movie’s trailer, you will find a serious Binnu like his movie ‘Channo kamli yaar di’ (2016). It seems, he has promised himself to prove him as a pure actor so with comedy he is choosing such challenging roles like his news movie ‘Bailaras’.

This movie is different from the others movies till date, as in the trailer we can see Binnu as a Jagga loves his tractor (Bailaras) more than anything. Model turned actress Prachi Tehlan plays as a lady love of Binnu Dhillon in the movie. She will be seen as an actress belongs to Shimla who has come to the village for the shoot of her movie and meets Jagga (Binnu) there. One side Jagga falls in one sided love with Prachi, on the other side, his first love ‘tractor’ (Bailaras) has been taken by Karma, which is played by Dev Kharoud.  ‘Karma’ challenges ‘Jagga’ to compete with him for his tractor and can get his tractor back if he wins. The movie’s story has been depicted  in the trailer beautifully. Ranjit Bawa’s energetic song ‘Jag Nu Vakhana Aaj Hak Jit Ke, Manzila Nu Mith Ke” in the end of the trailer will give you the feel of life. Will Jagga be able to get his love back in his life, will be revealed on October 6, 2017.

Watch the trailer of ‘Bailaras’ here.

Directorial movie by Ksshitij Chaudhary is ready to hit the box office on this winter, October 6.